Reading Group Questions

Into the World is a story with many themes and ideas perfect for a book club. It deals with guilt, loss, the search for independence,  and the power of stepping into the unknown. Here are some questions for a reading group discussion.

  1. How important is a sense of wonder and discovery in this book? Did you find something new and unknown about people, places or the world?
  2. Marie-Louise does not think herself brave. Do you think she is?
  3. The sea, weather, and nature are strong elements to be overcome and to be renewed by in this novel. Do you agree?
  4. How is adventure – the pushing of physical and emotional limits – important to Marie-Louise’s transformation?
  5. How important is travel? Does seeing how other cultures organise themselves challenge her understanding of the world?
  6. Marie-Louise carries her guilt at leaving her child throughout. In her position, would you have made the same choice?
  7. Marie-Louise has a belief that she has angered God and deserves to be punished. How does her journey change this belief?
  8. Do you think these stories about women who have challenged social conventions need to be told?
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