Stephanie Parkyn has always wanted to write, growing up in a book-loving family in Christchurch, New Zealand. But a fascination with science, research, and the environment led her to a PhD and a career as a freshwater ecologist. Moving to Tasmania with her husband allowed her to follow her dream of making art and storytelling. Here she learned of the remarkable voyage of Marie-Louise Girardin.  The story had all the elements that inspire her: mystery, adventure, natural history and injustice.

Writing historical fiction combines her love of travel, imagination and learning, and she enjoys the challenge of illuminating historical figures who dared to question social rules and conventions. Into the World is her debut novel published by Allen & Unwin.

Stephanie is working on her second novel 'Josephine's Garden' to be published by Allen & Unwin in 2019. She now writes from her new home in a remote bush-clad valley overlooking the sea in Coromandel, New Zealand.

Stephanie has presented Creative Writing workshops and is available for guest speaking, festival performances, workshops and lectures. Rates on application.

"Stephanie is one of the most natural presenters I've listened to. She is gifted with a strong voice, an appealing manner and an enthusiasm for her subject that is contagious." E.A Gleeson, poet and author of Small Acts of Purpose


Hear Stephanie speak about her early writing beginnings in conversation with James Redden from Harry Hartog, Canberra

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